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Vlemmix aanhangwagens started in 2006 with the production of trailers and boattrailers.

At Vlemmix Aanhangwagens we produce a sturdy and reliable trailer at a competitive price. The result is that we are undergoing a strong growth since the start in 2006 and that while sales of trailers up to 2014 had declined sharply. On an annual basis we sell more than 2500 trailers / boat trailers. Vlemmix Aanhangwagens is now the largest producer of boat trailers in the Netherlands, and second in Germany. The formula we use is that we have a small assortment with a few basic models that we produce in large quantities. (All models are expandable with different options) So we create an efficient business. Beside that we always order our axes, tires, baseplates and aluminum on a large scale. This is one of the reasons we provide our customers a competitive price.

Vlemmix Aanhangwagens produces boattrailers, tiny house trailers and machine transporters. Because we are assured of our quality, we offer one year warranty and two years warranty on the fully welded, hot dipped galvanized chassis.

Our trailers are available at more than 100 point of sales across the Netherlands, Central Europe and Scandinavia. We also have the European licenses.